10″ to 13” Light Weight Road and Track Wheels

Made from the same materials as our Billet centred 3 Piece wheels and Cast 3 Piece wheels.

These wheels are all aimed at cars of various uses and power outputs with 4 stud PCD’s up to 108mm and low calliper clearances (D dimension up to 10mm, see technical information here. Cars include single seater race cars, Lotus 7 type cars such as Caterham’s and Westfields, race cars for both circuits and ovals and road cars such as retro/classic Ford’s, VW’s and Mini’s.

Wheels available with standard edge outer rims in 10” diameter and either standard or rolled edge in 13” diameter. Standard finishes are polished outer rim, satin anodized inner rim with powder coated centre (diamond cut wheel centres optional on some styles).

Wheels are available in 10” diameter from 4.5” to 8.5” wide, and 13” diameter from 4.5” to 10” wide. Centres are machined from the same Billet and Cast material as our standard Billet and Cast range of wheels and still use our own rims formed from prime aluminium, all in our own facility in the UK.

All pictures are examples only.
The outer rim dish size will vary from car to car dependent on dimension ‘C’ – see info / technical.