Two Piece Alloy Wheels


IMAGE WHEELS manufacture two piece alloy wheels in high grade prime and cast heat treated alloy for kit cars, race cars, dragsters, road cars and 4X4’s.

TWO PIECE ALLOY WHEELS can be manufactured to order and to customers designs. This is only available for regular low volume production orders. Please contact us for more details. Shown below as ‘SPECIAL ORDER’ are some of the styles we currently manufacture that are not available directly from us but can be obtained from our dealers.

We also manufacture BILLET TWO PIECE ALLOY WHEELS to order. Ideal for one off special projects or small production batches requiring high performance or heavy loadings. The centres and outer rims are produce from a single piece of heat treated billet with our flow formed rolled inner rims to give similar strengths to forged wheels. It also allows for flexibility in offsets and gives maximum brake clearance.